Cryptocurrency Ratings in China & the USA (Weiss Ratings)

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Cryptocurrencies Ratings

Find out the latest cryptocurrency ratings from the USA and China below.

Holding Cryptocurrencies Will Soon Be a Safer Way than Storing Money in a Bank

According to Martin Weiss of Weiss Ratings, cryptocurrencies will soon be safer than storing your money at major banks.

“With [The Volker] rule change, the authorities will make it easier for megabanks to take big risks with other people’s money”, states Martin D. Weiss.

“… In the future, cryptocurrencies will do such a fundamentally better job as a safe depository of funds it’s difficult to envision a world in which this technology does not become a game-changer for money and banking”.

US Cryptocurrency Ratings

Here are the cryptocurrency ratings from renowned ratings firm, Weiss are America’s only 100% independent rating agency covering cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, insurance companies, banks, and credit unions. Their record of independence is critical to their business. You can find out more here about Weiss.

Weiss Ratings Top Ten Cryptocurrencies

Learn more below about which cryptocurrencies have the best technology, which are the least risky and which give the best rewards.

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