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Who Are We?

The Crypto Pouch is a team dedicated to teaching the next wave of financial instruments.

The world is changing. The anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto who wrote the whitepaper explaining Bitcoin has unleashed an unstoppable chain of events which will lead us into a more stable and transparent financial system which is faster and cheaper.

The Crypto Pouch is a free cryptocurrency guide and app to help introduce the world of cryptocurrencies to the general public.

You can download our free app on Google Play or iTunes.

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The app is an easy way to be introduced to the world of cryptocurrencies. Our referral links will allow you to set up cryptocurrency wallets, sign up for cryptocurrency exchanges, start mining cryptocurrencies, set up cryptocurrency debit cards, banks and invest in cryptocurrency funds.

A cryptocurrency fund is the safest and most secure way to invest in cryptocurrencies and tokens. A crypto fund helps clients diversify their assets and holds the wallets on behalf of the client making it easier to invest. A cryptocurrency fund offers a secure, safe way to spread your risk whilst investing in cryptocurrency assets. Funds have the ability to move to cash or crypto type bonds or stablecoins when most cryptocurrencies start falling. This gives your portfolio an important layer of protection through hedging.

The cryptocurrency portfolio will be run by Hudson James Investment Management (HJIM), a licensed and regulated investment manager in the BVI. HJIM will be launching a managed Digital Asset Array (DAA) via a public platform. It won’t be a fund as such to allow smaller investors to participate. Cybersecurity will be top of the agenda.

We are also open to talking to LPs, family offices, sophisticated investors and institutions about finding cryptocurrency solutions for them.

All digital assets will held in a secure vault in various secret locations.

Holding cryptocurrency wallets securely is an art itself. The digital assets portfolio will be held in cold storage wallets on your behalf. No more worrying about holding dozens of wallets on your PC or mobile or leaving your coins open vulnerable on an exchange.

Click here to find out how to invest in a simple, secure cryptocurrency portfolio.

20% of all profits will be going to a social impact fund to improve the lives of those living on less than $2 a day.

We take cyber security and privacy seriously. You can read more about our privacy policy and European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) here.

Please contact us for more info if you are interested in investing or working with us.

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