Why EOS Might Become the Best Performing Cryptocurrency in 2018

Could EOS Become the Top Performing Cyptocurrency in 2018?

EOS is seen as the Chinese Ethereum, except it is faster, much, much faster! Whilst Ethereum can only manage 15 transactions per second (TPS), EOS is already clocking it at 50,000 TPS and confirms in 1.5 seconds compared to 6 minutes on Ethereum. Whilst Ethereum is being slowed down by crypto kitties and looking for a solution, EOS has now released its own mainnet. It is no longer running on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), it is on its own blockchain. Although, it has already experienced its own teething problems involving governance with block producers freezing accounts and coding bugs, I believe Dan Larimer is on the case to solve these issues. Block.one is a Cayman organization employing over 200 people globally with offices in Hong Kong, California and Virginia.

Here are the top reasons why I think EOS is undervalued right now.

(1) It is near a 60-day low
(2) It is the fastest working cryptocurrency right now at 50,000 TPS and will be able to produce millions of TPS through horizontal and vertical scaling. It confirms in only 1.5 seconds
(3) No gas fees, EOS is free to use
(4) You can build smart contracts in many different programming languages whereas in ETH, you must programme in its native language, Solidity
(5) EOSIO Software can be used to create both private and public blockchains
(6) They’ve got cash… lots of it. In December 2017, Block.one committed to investing US$1 billion to launch EOS VC, a vehicle designed to invest in businesses leveraging the transformative capabilities of the EOSIO software. EOS VC has announced deployment of capital through partnerships, including with: billionaire Michael Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital, Derek Rundell of Eric Schmidt’s TomorrowVentures, Finlab AG and Michael Cao’s EOS Global.
(7) Mechanism to freeze and fix, broken or frozen applications
(8) No risk of fork spawning multiple chains
(9) Denial of service attack won’t freeze the network
(10) Byzantine Fault Tolerant Finality
(11) China crypto ratings put EOS in the top spot
(12) SONM may migrate to EOS from ETH to avoid gas fees. Others may follow suit.
(13) Free airdrops (see below). Binance is supporting 3 EOS airdrops (IQ, DAQ and NON)

EOS Airdrops – Free Tokens

Many of these aidrops required you to hold EOS throughout June or have dropped already. There will likely be more free airdrops over the years bribing you to try their ecosystems.

Atidium Airdrop

Atidium DApp offers a payment and budget management program similar to Mint and is already live on the EOS platform. They plan to provide an airdrop of 900,000 tokens on EOS with a 1:1 exchange rate. This drop will happen on June 28th, 2018.

Cetos Airdrop

The Cetos project focuses on healthcare, pushing towards a decentralized solution for the entire industry. These tokens will also have a 1:1 ratio, though the total amount of tokens that will be dropped is not available. Every wallet holder with this token will receive some Cetos, which will take place sometime between June and July 2018.

Cards & Tokens Airdrop

Cards & Tokens wants you to spend your EOS on entertainment. Their airdrop is planned for July, with a 1:10 exchange on the tokens. Every 10 tokens from EOS is equivalent to one of the CNT tokens. No amount is provided.

Chaince Airdrop

Chaince will run an audit process that publishes reports about dApps listed on the platform. It will be called Choice of Chaince. Chaince tokens will be distributed to all holders of EOS early on

Edna Airdrop

In the Ednation project, consumers will use the structure of IATA to help with airline and hotel accommodations. The eligible participants will need to already have 100 EOS tokens in the account before Genesis checks it. Anyone that qualifies will get a 150 Edna tokens, which are worth 150 USD each.

EOSBet Airdrop

EOS Bet provides a gambling opportunity for consumers, which permits low bets and even offers free bets. The EOSBET airdrop will offer 25 million tokens in the airdrop. Consumers need to visit the telegram group to keep updated.

EOS Café Airdrop

EOS Cafe aims to airdrop its BEANS tokens to users some time in July. EOS Cafe has the long term goal of setting up EOS-focused coffee-shops and hack-spaces.

EOS Sports Bets Airdrop

The EOS Sports Bets platform allows consumers to place bets on different sporting events. The airdrop was on June 14th, 2018 and registered users were given a bonus of 1000 ESB coins.

EOX Airdrop

EOX was one of the first marketplaces to have a spot on the EOS blockchain, helping to promote global eCommerce. Their airdrop was in June, when 900 million of the EOX tokens will be available at a 1:1 rate.

Everpedia Airdrop

Everpedia is an impressive source of information, focusing on a decentralized encyclopedia that is supported by the blockchain and holds over 6 million contents online. Consumers received IQ tokens on June 15th.

HireVibes Airdrop

HireVibes is a platform that helps consumers to find job opportunities that meets their wants and dreams. Their airdrop isn’t until Q3 2018, but no ratio or amount is published. Consumers can visit their social media pages to learn about updates as the time gets closer.

HorusPay Airdrop

HorusPay is an upcoming EOS project which aims to provide a platform for payroll services. According to HorusPay’s website, typical payroll vendors charge up to 40% for their services, and HorusPay wants to cut out the middle-man and provide an automated system for the management of payrolls. Their airdrop will feature a 1:1 ratio for the drop, which takes place on June 30th

KARMA Airdop

KARMA is a platform that thrives on acts of kindness around the world, for which the user receives tokens. Airdrop is 1st July, which will be for six KARMA tokens to every one EOS token held. The airdrop is planned for over 5 billion tokens.

KEOS Airdrop

KEOS’s platform is unique, in that the followers of the platform have the chance to vote on the different protocols and other changes as they happen. They’ll offer their airdrop on June 15th, which will be a 1:1 exchange. The only way to qualify is by possessing 100 EOS tokens in the applicable wallet.

Lab Ledger Airdrop

Lab Ledger is targeting the scientific journal industry, which has high pricing to get a journal peer reviewed, Lab Ledger want to disrupt the model. They’ll also maintain a 1:1 ratio, though there’s no minimum number of tokens that the user needs to presently hold. Their airdrop was on June 21st.

MEET.ONE Airdrop

MEET’s platform lets consumers to manage their EOS assets, and it is supposed to be the EOS service portal. The airdrop was in June 2018.

ONO Social Network Airdrop

ONO is all about social networking and is completely open-source and free. Tokens were issued in June at a 1:1 rate.


Parachute will create a membership-based system where a person can share information about themselves and receive free airdrops based on that information.

Prospectors Airdrop

Prospectors is what’s known as a Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Economic Strategy (MMORTES) – a game which focuses resource management and economic strategy. The gameworld models the economic situation of the late 19th / early 20th century, and players must compete in the process of mining for gold. There is a mini-drop for 10,000 consumers, who will each receive 40 PGL tokens.

Scatter Airdrop

Scatter is Metamask for EOS. Scatter is highly advanced, because the platform has managed to let consumers use it to provide a signature and offer private data without the threat of identity breech. Their airdrop was on June 15th, though consumers will get 40 RIDL each, if they qualify.

Trybe Airdrop

Trybe keeps consumers in the loop for changes in the crypto industry, though participants can also earn tokens for their participation. Their airdrop is planned for August 2018.

YAIR Airdrop

YAIR stands for “Your Art Is Reality.” It brings art to collectors, traders, and enthusiasts, while combining profit with blockchain technology. Their airdrop will be exchanged at a 1:2 ratio, with two EOS tokens for every 1 YAIR token. Half of a billion tokens will be dropped somewhere between July and September.

EOS in 2018

EOS is still currently undervalued and could be added to your portfolio, but it is not without risk and EOS is more centralised than most currencies and has faced coding and governance issues. Like most of the cryptocurrency world, the blockchains are still being developed and bugs ironed out. But, EOS looks promising for the future. Other ones to look out for include the Zen Protocol, which will be in the next article.