How to Send Cryptocurrency Mobile to Mobile

Send Cryptocurrencies via Your Smartphone or Mobile

In this article, you will learn how to send cryptocurrency from mobile to mobile and learn which ones are best. You will see that this will be the future of sending digital currency and that many more options will be developed and put on the table in future. This is just the beginning.

We’ll look at payments via:

  • Nano cryptocurrency (lowest cost, only 1 cent)
  • Bitcoin cash (easiest interface and costs around 5 cents)
  • Bitcoin (most expensive, may cost from 60 cents to $30)
  • Ethereum (transaction fees not low enough, average cost around 40 cents)

Be careful with all these systems as they are new start ups and only send small amounts, but it is worth keeping your eye on them.

Nanomate and CoinText seem to be the best solutions so far, as the other solutions have too high transaction fees.

How to Send Nano Coin by Mobile

Nano coin used to be known as Raiblocks and is a generation 3.0 cryptocurrency. Nanocoin uses much less energy than Bitcoin, is scalable, faster and most importantly, there is no fee for transactions. It is this last point that makes Nano coin perfect for mobile to mobile payment transfers.

Imagine doing peer 2 peer betting or paying for a coffee or sharing the bill for a meal with a friend. In the future, it should be easier to auto convert to fiat and pay for goods & services with your mobile phone.

But, hang on a minute, we are not there yet. At the moment, you still need to convert Nano back to BTC on an exchange then get that BTC off an exchange back to fiat. But, if you just want to pay for microtasks via mobile, you could pay someone overseas who is IT literate with Nano.  Also, Nano coin is volatile compared to fiat currencies.

Send Mobile Payments by SMS with Nano (NANO)

You can send fee-free mobile payments with the Nano cryptpcurrency via Nanomate. Nanomate allows you to send cryptocurrency via email or mobile phone. If you want to send payment to a friend, Nanomate will automatically send your friend up with a Nano mobile phone wallet.

How it works

  1. You add your friend or colleague’s details.
  2. Nanomate creates a fresh Nano wallet address and monitors it for funds.
  3. When Nanomate receives the funds, they email your friend a website link and password they can use to transfer the Nano to their own wallet. The email includes an introduction to Nano coin, as well as instructions on how to set up the Nano wallet of their choice. You’ll also receive an email with an unlock code that you can use if your friend never claims their Nano or can’t figure out how to claim it.
  4. Finally, Nanomate will email you to let you know your friend or colleague has claimed their Nano.


Nanocoin has no transaction fees, but Nanomate costs money to run the web app. The fee for this service is fixed at $0.01 (1 cent) per transaction. This is calculated using the latest market rate and deducted from your transaction before we send it to your friend. In these early stages, please only send small amounts via these mobile apps.

Send Mobile Payments by SMS with Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

This is by far the slickest app on the market and I expect copycats on the way. You can send Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to many countries around the world at relatively low cost.


  • can use any mobile even old Nokia for SMS payments
  • Easy to use, send by currency and it automatically send the relevant amount in BCH

     $ for USA, Australia, Canada (ie: Send $1 PhoneNumber)
     £ for United Kingdom (ie: Send £1 PhoneNumber)
     R for South Africa (ie: Send R1 PhoneNumber)
     kr for Sweden (ie: Send kr1 PhoneNumber)
     € for Netherlands (ie: Send €1 PhoneNumber)
     CHF for Switzerland (Send CHF1 PhoneNumber)

You can read more about Cointext here.

Send Mobile Payments by SMS with Bitcoin (BTC)

You can send BTC payments via SMS with the following wallets:

  • Coinapult
  • Kipochi
  • Samourai Wallet’s Pony Direct app

There have also been problems with Bitcoin SMS wallets such as the shutdown of 37 coins.


The problem with BTC is at the moment, it is useless for micropayments due to large transaction fees.

Bitcoin cash average transaction fees have hovered around $0.10 or less this year whilst Bitcoin transaction fees have wildly swung been between $0.60 and $30 making Bitcoin cash the only real steady possibility between the two coins or better yet, use Nano with fee-free transfers and only 1 cent to use the web app.

Send Mobile payments with Ethereum (ETH) via dApp

Nano is a new generation coin and not so well known, listing 37 out of cryptocurrencies by market cap. Ethereum on the other hand is number 2 after Bitcoin. One of the best known coins. You can now send people Ethereum by mobile phone. Ethereum can also be used to purchase ERC-20 tokens and other tokens which enable smart contracts. A more popular and useable cryptocurrency at the time being. But, if you want to convert to cash, you either need to change to fiat on an exchange linked to your bank account or use a cryptocurrency debit card which automatically converts to fiat.

Many people may prefer to be paid in ETH over Nano. Also, receivers can purchase tokens with it.

Introducing Toshi

Toshi was developed by Coinbase, the largest Bitcoin wallet in the world which can also hold Ethereum. Coinbase may well become one of the largest banks in the world in years to come.

Toshi is the #1 mobile Ethereum wallet and Web 3 DApp browser.

toshi app


  • Secure wallet – store, send and receive Ether, ERC-20 tokens and ERC-721 collectibles. You remain in control of your private keys, which are stored only on your device. Toshi cannot access your funds.
  • dApp Browser- Access Web 3 Decentralized Apps powered by Ethereum smart contracts. Discover and access the popular DApps such as Cryptokitties and Cryptocities. See more on dApp Radar
  • Encrypted chat and payments – Send cryptocurrency payments to anyone, anywhere in the world using the secure messaging service with end-to-end encryption.


  • Only works with smartphones, not older phones like Nokias
  • Ethereum can be slow
  • Fees (see below)


  • Toshi will use uPort in the future as a decentralized ID system.


  • Transaction fees are paid in GAS. This year. ETH has manily remained under $1 with an average of about 40c, but fees have been as high as $5.50 in the last few days, making these transactions worthless for micropayments

Download Toshi on Google Play

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