How to Use the Free Crypto Pouch App

An Introduction to the Crypto Pouch App

The Crypto Pouch is just a quick introduction to the world of cryptocurrencies, where we have added links, so you can very quickly be up and running.

Please note the crypto world is still in development and many of these exchanges, wallets, cards, will get much better over time. But, we recommend setting up these accounts as soon as possible before more government red tape ensues.

The app contains mainly referral links, some of which will give you bonuses & discounts to use the exchanges, so we encourage using them. Then you can send to your friends.

In this article, you will learn how to use the Crypto Pouch app to:

    • Set up a cryptocurrency wallet
    • Set up a cryptocurrency exchange
    • Set up a cryptocurrency bank account
    • Set up a cryptocurrency debit card
    • Set up a cryptocurrency fund
    • Learn how to set up an automated crypto bot
    • Learn about the various cryptocurrencies
    • Learn the difference between coins & tokens
    • Learn how to read cryptocurrency charts & signals
    • Learn how to set up a cryptocurrency mining contract
    • Learn how to protect your internet browsing from snoops & spies
    • and much more

If you want a really secure, managed cryptocurrency investment portfolio, please click here.

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COINS - This is where you get your free cryptocurrency signals.


  • Performance - shows you the daily, monthly, 3-month, 6-month, Year-to-date and annual performance of the coins as well as the volatility. You can also click on each coin to pull up the charts.
  • Trend - This shows you the 20-day, 50-day and 200-day Moving Averages as well as the Bollinger Bands for each currency. Very useful for entry/exit points in trading.
  • Oscillator - See which coin is a buy or sell every day. The directional index and MACD indicators are included. Very useful for trading.
  • Overview - shows the overview of the market. The market cap of each coin and the circulating supply.
  • Calculator - Cryptocurrency calculator. Find out how much your favourite coin costs in Bitcoin.

Note: These coin charts are much easier to view with more information and less scrolling on the website version.

ICOs - A lit of all the latest LIVE ICOS and UPCOMING ICOs. This is where you find new coins and tokens which aren't listed on an exchange yet. Invest early, but do your research and tread carefully

WALLETS - Set up a cryptocurrency wallet with Coinbase, BlockChain, My Ether Wallet and Coinomi (mobile) or add your own wallet

MINING - This is where you can sign up for crypto mining ICOs. Invest in crypto mining to earn a steady income in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins.

EXCHANGES - You can sign up for an exchange here and start trading cryptocurrencies after you have set up a wallet or you can add your own wallet.

The best known Centralised Exchanges (CEX) with high liquidity are Binance (Malta), Bittrex (USA), Qryptos (Japan).

If you want an even more secure way to trade cryptocurrencies, use a Decentalised Exchange (DEX) with Altcoin, although usually there are less coins and the exchange is less liquid.

If you want to start trading quickly, you can also set up an account with Changelly and start buying cryptocurrencies with your credit card immediately.

BANK ACCOUNT - There are no real crypto bank accounts yet, but they are coming. Both Crypterium & Polybius are applying for banking licences. I suggest you sign up for an account straight away, so you are set up in the future.

DEBIT CARDS - Visa cancelled many of the cryptocurrency cards. The only working models right now are Spectrocard, Monaco and Wirex. You can order a crypto debit card from here.

INVESTMENTS - Our Crypto Momentum Strategy is launching at the end of June 2018. This will be the safest, securest way to invest in a cryptocurrency investment portfolio. You can also sign up for Caviar, which is a property fund which can be purchased with Ethereum or Bitcoin.

FOREX - If you want to trade forex (GBP, EUR, USD, Yen, etc) with cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, etc.), you can sign up for an account with LH crypto or Whaleclub (up to 50:1 leveraging for sophisticated traders). Set up a Transferwise account if you want to send money internationally, e.g. from GBP to USD, EUR, Yen, THB, etc.

LOANS - You can lend out your Bitcoin and earn up to 13% per year with Bitbond and Xcoins.

LOTTERY - If you are feeling lucky, play a Bitcoin Lottery with SMART BILLIONS

SHOPPING - Crypto shopping sites are not ready, but they are coming. Purchase the tokens for Open Bazaar, Blockmarket, Black Halo or Plaza and spend the tokens later when these platforms launch.

VPN - Protect your internet browsing from snooping & spies. Use your wifi at an airport or hotel more securely.

CRYPTO BOT - Set up this very simple trading bot if you want to auto trade currencies. Although the Crypto Momentum Strategy in INVESTMENTS will be more secure.

CRYPTO NEWS - Read up on the latest cryptocurrency news and blockchain news. Keep up-to-date with all the latest fintech news.

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