How to Invest in an Easy, Simple, Secure Cryptocurrency Portfolio

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The Simplest Cryptocurrency Portfolio Set Up Ever

If you want to invest in a simple, safe cryptocurrency portfolio without worrying about cybersecurity, wallet hacking, this is what I recommend you do.

Step 1: Set Up a Coinbase Account

This isn’t the cheapest, but by far the easiest method.

Coinbase manages the more than 20 million accounts, almost as many as Fidelity Investments, twice as many as Charles Schwab and about as many accounts as the mutual fund company, Vanguard.

Set up an account with Coinbase and buy as much Bitcoin (BTC) as you want, e.g. you decide how much in USD, EUR or your local currency. Then buy that much in Bitcoin, e.g, $1000 or $10,000.

You can read how to set up a Coinbase account with our free beginner’s guide to cryptocurrency.

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Step 2: Send your Bitcoin to a Managed Cryptocurrency Portfolio

Investments will be managed on your behalf. Cybersecurity is paramount. All your coins are held in cold storage, which means only a fraction of your coins are in a “hot wallet” on an exchange at any time.

Your cryptocurrencies will be held at ICONOMI, the world’s first Digital Assets Management Platform, built on Ethereum and employing smart contracts.

Iconomi uses proprietary cold storage solutions and paper wallets. Everything is stored in fireproof vaults in various secret, underground locations for security.

Invest in a crypto fund in Iconomi and receive these benefits:

  • One Click Diversification: your crypto assets managed 24/7 in a professional portfolio
  • Algorithmic Trading: your account managed by technical signals not human emotion
  • Simple: no sign up fees, no exit fees, no hidden fees. A simple annual management fee to cover all your algorithmic trading & custodian fees
  • Fast withdrawals and no contract lock-ins
  • Security: the majority of assets are permanently stored in multi-signature protected cold wallets, so you can enjoy the safety of physical bank vaults.

Cryptocurrency Portfolio Performance in Bitcoin

The graph below shows the backtested performance of the Cryptocurrency Momentum Strategy from June 2016 – May 2018. The initial capital in Bitcoin is increased by nearly 6 times. Drawdown was limited to 11 weeks.

This uses Monte Carlo cycles and “out-of-sample” data for more accurate forecasting results.

But, please note that cryptocurrency is still a very new space and results can be somewhat spurious. It is important therefore to hold a diversified portfolio and only make very rough forecasts. The future will look very different.

crypto fund performance

Note: the above cryptocurrency portfolio is backtested and is priced in Bitcoin. These managed digital assets have managed to beat a Bitcoin “buy and hold” by over 6 times in the last couple of years.

For more information on the crypocurrency portfolio launching in the next few weeks, please leave us a message below.