What is Metahash? Blockchain 4.0

What is Metahash? 3 Second Confirmations

What is Metahash? The new super fast, simple, scalable cryptocurrency & blockchain solution.

Blockchain 4.0 has arrived to solve the scalability and speed issues for cryptocurrencies as well as enable cross blockchain transactions by tokenising other cryptocurrencies.

Metahash AG is a Swiss company based in the crypto capital, Zug.

Metahash Speed

  • 3 second validation times
  • 50,000 Transactions Per Second (TPS)
  • 5 billion transactions per day

Click here to compare to the transaction speeds of other cryptocurrencies.

Metahash Fees

  • Free for most transactions
  • Fees appear as the network load grows to protect it against spam transactions

Metahash Mining

  • 5 different consensus algorithms
  • Transition from Proof of Work (mining) to multi-Proof of Stake (forging)
  • Forging MetaHashCoins with nodes and wallets provides the most important resources and eliminates pointless ones

Metahash Security

An additional verification step provided by wallets will not allow hackers to block or corrupt the network, even if they possess 67% of nodes or coins

Metahash Tokenisation

Metahash can tokenise any digital asset
This means turning your BTC, ETH, ERC-20 Token, EOS or any other crypto into Metahash Coin (MHC), so it can be spent and use the faster transaction speeds

The Core Four of the Metahash Network

  1. Trace Chain – the blockchain that powers Metahash: an automatic self-learning algorithm for routing signals over the network that delivers 50,000 TPS on a 100 megabit channel; TraceChain is a perfect solution for
    building isolated DataChains as there are over 100,000 transactions per second on each node
  2. Meta Apps – any developer can create and publish a decentralised app in MetaApps with Metahash Coin (MHC) holders voting on whether to approve it. Any developer can create a MetaApp in any language including C++, PHP, Solidity and others. Compatible with any operating system
  3. Meta Gate – the interface to enter the Metahash world. Third-party developers can use the MetaGate code to embed MetaApps and TraceChain’s blockchain features into various applications and browsers
  4. Metahash Coin (MHC) – the cryptocurrency which will be used for payments, network upkeep and storage fees

Comparison with Other Cryptocurrencies

metahash comparison

Metahash ICO

  • 9.2 billion coins
  • Hard cap for Round A is set at 36,000,000 USD
  • 1 MHC = 0.0391 USD

metahash ico

Metacoin Forging

Forging is the proof of stake system used for Methahash Coin

50% of all rewards for forging are distributed among Metahash Coin (MHC) owners
40% goes to the active node owners
10% goes to wallet holders who receive rewards based on a random lottery type system

Estimated Virtual Currency Forging Returns

mhc forgin

Metacoin Team

Massive team including the people who built AdSniper and AdnNow. Also, the investors from Blockchain Capital are involved.

Blockchain Capital is one of the oldest and most active venture investors in the blockchain technology sector, and has financed 72 companies, protocols and tokens since its inception including Coinbase, Ripple, Ledger, Ox and now Metahash.